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Can I build a career as an Argus Agent?

We want everyone to enjoy a long career as an agent and to build a legacy.

What expenses can be expected beyond the Agent fee?

You will need to have enough capital to live until you bring on a client or two. We will work with you to help determine your capital needs. Fortunately, you will not need a staff of operations and administrative personnel since all those tasks are handled by us.

How much money can I earn as an agent?

Ultimately your success will be determined by your skill and expertise on bringing and servicing clients. The market space is substantial (more than 1,000,000 businesses!), so the opportunity is large. Your efforts will be supported by us. We will never limit your income.

What is your training like?

We will provide comprehensive training in our processes and systems. Afterwards we will provide ongoing support. We want you to succeed.

What if I find a client that is outside the target size?

Large clients can be brought to the parent company and are commissionable. It is worth the effort to bring them on, and you will have the support and involvement of the parent company. This allows you to pursue every opportunity, no matter how large.

How much of the fees that I generate are paid to Argus Worldwide, and how much will I keep?

Costs to manage your client’s operational activities are varied and depend on their needs. Royalties and service fees will not normally exceed 50% of collected fees.

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