You are a competitive entrepreneur, a leader. Argus will help bring out the best in you.

Argus is an industry leader. Our support will help you to elevate your business and capitalize on complex transportation opportunities.

Tenacity Rewarded

Running your own business is a lot of hard work. The reward for your hard work is the lifestyle you have always hoped for.


Residual Income

Agent revenue continues for the life of your customers. That could be a while since Argus experiences very low customer attrition. Your client focus will only help to improve retention.


What is Full Platform Logistics Management?

Anyone can provide rates. Argus goes far beyond rates by managing every phase of the transportation process.

Procurement & Optimization

Proactive Route Optimization
Rapid Rate Analysis
Strategic Negotiation
Release Optimization
PO Management

Financial Management

Part Level Detail
Accurate Accruals (<3% variance)
Budget Standards
Planned vs. Unplanned

Supply Chain Visibility

ERP Integrations
Corporate Release Visibility
Single Portal Tracking
Supplier Shipment Portal
Customized Metrics

Carrier Management

Tariff Management
Claims Management
Automated Insurance Renewal
Scorecard Reporting
Single Source Tracking

Premium Freight Management

Online Bidding Portal
1500+ Active Carriers
Client Approval Levels
Visibility and Reporting

Custom Client Dashboard

50+ Modules to select from
Release & Cost Visibility
Shipment Tracking
User Specific Reporting
Customized Metrics

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