Argus Worldwide likely has a managed transportation solution for you.

What does the ideal Argus client look like?

Our clients have an annual transportation budget between $500,000 and $10-12 million. (Larger clients are gladly served by our parent company, Argus Logistics.)

How can Argus help my company grow?

We will work with you to reign in transportation costs and implement customized solutions, processes that are utilized by much larger companies. You will enjoy streamlined logistics procedures that will help prevent costly, time wasting growing pains.

How can Argus save us money?

There are two kinds of saving we help achieve- hard savings and soft savings. By combining our purchasing power, negotiating expertise as well as our relationships with your shipping volume we will negotiate with service providers on your behalf. This typically results in significant tariff reductions. These are immediate hard savings. Soft savings occur less quickly but are no less significant. As we implement streamlined practices and customized solutions your staff will spend less time on their tasks. This will free them up to focus on your customers and your bottom line.

Describe the process of becoming an Argus Client.

Typically, this begins with an analysis of your data. 30 to 60 days of activity is enough for us to review and determine what the potential savings level will be. After an agreement is reached, and depending upon the IT needs, onboarding takes 30 to 60 days.

Will you train our team?

Yes! We will help your staff learn to use our TMS, design KPI dashboarding, payment processing, and every needful logistics task.

Questions? Get in Touch

We have a transportation expert ready to help answer any questions you may have.