Proven Leadership, Demonstrated Results

Our Clients, Service Providers, colleagues and Advisors are consistently commenting and praising our Leadership Team for what we already know is the single largest differentiator of our business and most essential to our collective achievement of building a truly world class company from the top to the bottom. Not only do we have our very first Client of over 20 years, we also have our first employee with us today. Although we have grown relentlessly, nearly all the original dozen individuals remain as pillars of TPS. The uncommon degree of trust, loyalty, humility, shared vision, work ethic, collaboration and respect is to such extreme is truly rare. This spirit has permeated our entire culture which affords us the additional advantage of being able to attract the absolute best professionals to our Firm as we have thoughtfully built out our next generation Leadership which is certain to be of equal caliber.

Brandon Stallard
Jeff Lau
Parker Stallard
Brian Dalling